A new hybrid with purple hues


This hybrid created in 2018 completes our range of Made in Reunion Island peppers. As you may have guessed, It is the result of a cross between a Bhut Jolokia and a 7JPN. In appearance, the plants are elongated and dark in color. The more the plants are exposed to direct sunlight, the more the plants will be green in color, and will be purple if, on the contrary, they are grown in a greenhouse or under less aggressive light. The fruits, of fairly large sizes, will be green and spotted with mauve, then will finish red when ripe while retaining part of their mauve shade, a direct inheritance of 7JPN . On certain phenotypes, it will be possible to observe the presence of " pimples " which will give the peppers an aggressive air. The plants are tolerant, vigorous and resistant. On the palate, its flavor will undoubtedly remind you of Bhut Jolokia and its spiciness is medium. The selection of future generations will therefore aim to strengthen the concentration of capcaicin and make it an extreme pepper.

This year's plants are F2 ( second generation ), so you will naturally receive F3 seeds. Some variations are therefore still to be expected and therefore the selection remains open.

7JPN x Bhut Jolokia F3

    • Scoville scale: NC
    • Origin: Reunion Island
    • Packaging: 10 seeds


    • Livraison GRATUITE à la Réunion, en France Métropolitaine et DOM
    • Livraison internationale à partir de 1,40€

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