A form like no other ...
We have selected for you from countless plants, the most disproportionate version! Few peppers look as distinctive as Bishop's Crown. Its shape is unique and yet familiar, you guessed it, it looks like a crown of bishop! Its appearance, ease of growth, low strength and flavor make Bishop's Crown a popular choice among gourmands. It is surprisingly versatile in the kitchen too, its giant size makes it an ideal pepper to stuff!
What does Bishop's Crown look like?
One can not deny the form, these peppers resemble the mitres of Catholic bishops. Multiple points stand around the main cavity. It is a unique and spectacular look for a chili to the size disproportionate! His appearance has earned him a multitude of names across the planet: bell pepper, joker hat to name a few.
What taste do the Bishop's Crown have?

Its texture reminiscent of the apple, its taste, pleasant but not complex is close to pepper and chilli. Its moderate strength gives it can be used anywhere in the kitchen, but it is stuffed chilli it will surpass you the most!

Giant Bishop's Crown

€4.50 Regular Price
€2.50Sale Price
    • Echelle de Scoville : 5 000 - 30 000
    • Origine : Barbade
    • Conditionnement : 10 graines
    • Livraison GRATUITE à la Réunion, en France Métropolitaine et DOM
    • Livraison internationale à partir de 1,40€

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