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Simply baptized Cap. 1478 ( or the term "cap" meaning capsicum ), it is part of the most overlooked family of chilli lovers, the Capsicum Praetermissum . It is a wild chili very difficult to obtain, but also difficult to grow because of its particularly long germination time and its very long period of fruit ripening which can take up to 3 months!


What does this plant look like?
Cap 1478 produces large plants that can easily exceed a meter in height, its leaves are dark green in color and are slightly hairy. It strongly resembles Galabert Pepper but differs from it by certain points: smaller fruits, purple flowers reminiscent of that of the genus Capsicum Pubescens ( Bishop's Crown , Rocotto , Piment le Diable etc ...) while those of Galabert peppers are yellow and white.
The production of this variety will be low in European regions, but will be abundant in hot regions although it will be necessary to take into account the small size of its fruits which have an average size of 0.7cm.

Where do these peppers come from?
Cape 1478 is native to South America, more precisely in the Brazil / Paraguay zone where it still grows wild in the savannah. As its biotope suggests, it should not be given a plain exposure to the sun at the risk of "grilling the plants", but preferred semi-shaded areas abirred under a tree for example.

Cultivating wildlife requires patience but will always be rewarding. The absence of detailed technical sheets, the mystery surrounding a species and the gradual disappearance of natural environments in favor of human activity provides real satisfaction to the cultivator of owning a rare plant and strengthens the feeling of commitment to preserving biodiversity.


Grow a small piece of South American jungle in your garden!

Cap. 1478

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