Stronger than the Carolina Reaper?


Choco Ghost Jami is the latest version of the famous Ghost Pepper Chocolate. Resembling a chocolate bar, this variation will amaze you with its beauty and extreme strength and extraordinary produtivity. Is it stronger than Carolina Reaper the current strongest pepper in the world? Hard to say without a laboratory test because this pepper really pushes our limits to their maximum but we think that it reaches the 2,000,000 on the scale of Scoville so it made us cry.

By cutting a Choco Ghost Jami, you will be surprised by the irritating emanation of vapor that will escape and you can see drops of pure capsaicin oil on the walls of his flesh. If you have already tasted its delicious ancestor the Ghost Pepper Chocolate, you will notice that the flavor has also been improved, which makes us think it is the best extreme spicy taste and one of the most fun to cultivate!

Choco Ghost Jami

    • Echelle de Scoville : 1 500 000 +
    • Origine : USA
    • Conditionnement : 10 graines
    • International delivery from 1.40 €