Death Spiral also nicknamed Death Pepper is a variant originating in the United Kingdom resulting from a cross with a Naga Bubblegum . This magnificent extreme pepper has a twisted and aggressive shape, even threatening, which calls for caution. It does not have a "bleeding" chalice like most BBG7s ( BBG7 x Moruga , Candy Spice BBG7 ) and shows streaked patterns giving the impression of having been engraved. Their tails are pointed, and can even be oriented almost 90 ° on some specimens.

The strength of Death Spiral is superior to most other Naga- type peppers , their flavor is floral and wild and has nothing to do with habanero-type peppers which have a rather fruity flavor.

Death Spiral


    • Scoville scale: 1,000,000 - 1,300,000
    • Origin: United Kingdom
    • Packaging: 10 seeds


    • Livraison GRATUITE à la Réunion, en France Métropolitaine et DOM
    • Livraison internationale à partir de 1,40€

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