A surprising citrus aroma!

If you like citrus aromas and spicy flavors, Lemon Drop is a hot pepper you should know. Although it is difficult to find, this pepper (also known as Ají Limon) is gaining popularity, both for consumption and as an ornamental pepper because of its color "neon yellow" when mature.
Lemon Drop is a moderately strong and very productive pepper, which makes it, with its lemony taste, a perfect pepper for chilli sauces and chilli paste. In its home country of Peru, it is commonly used as a tangy seasoning for meals and snacks.

Does Lemon Drop really taste like lemon?
It has a pronounced taste of citrus and, for some, very similar to lemon. But depending on your taste buds, the soil, the temperature of the peppers and their maturity, tastes vary from one pepper to another. Sometimes, have a taste more fruity, other times, it can have a taste a little more lemony.

How can we use this pepper?
The fruity taste of this pepper opens many culinary doors. Fruit-based salsa sauces and hot sauces will be the best ways to use your potential.
The fresh citrus taste is perfect for fish and chicken dishes, and Lemon Drop powder can add flavor and warmth to any dish!

Lemon Drop (Aji Lemon)

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    • Scoville scale: 15,000 - 30,000
    • Origin: Peru
    • Packaging: 10 seeds
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