Many talk about it, but not much about it!

The ancients once said that it was easy to find in the cane fields and bushes thanks to the birds which scattered the seeds in their passages.
Today, it is almost impossible to find in the wild, but thanks to La Maison Du Piment it is now available in fresh seeds!
We were fortunate to find an original strain lost in the Wild South of Reunion Island. We harvested its seeds and replanted them to revive this small endemic pepper that will delight the most nostalgic.

What is the taste of Galabert pepper?
The Galabert pepper is part of the "bird peppers", but has a wild flavor that strongly remembers the smell of the galabert flower (Lantana Camara).
The chili pepper is rather atypical, since it starts with a dark green color when young, turns black and then turns red when ripe.

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Galabert Pepper


    Echelle de Scoville : NC
    Origine : Brésil / Uruguay

    Conditionnement :  10 graines

    • International delivery from 1.40 €

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