The bird pepper in its purest form!

Bird Pepper (capsicum annuum) is a species native to South America that has been widely distributed in Asia by Spanish settlers.
Very popular in Reunion Island because of its wild flavor and average "heat", it is present in almost all chili lovers' gardens. Unfortunately, the purity of its genetics has been altered over generations due to natural pollination due to too high concentrations of different varieties of peppers. The seeds offered by the Maison Du Piment of this variety are said to be "isolated", that is to say that they come from isolated pepper plants of all other varieties which gives them an exceptional genetic purity!

Bird's Eye Chili

    • Echelle de Scoville :  ~ 100 000
    • Origine : Afrique
    • Espèce : Capsicum Frutescens
    • Conditionnement : 10 graines
    • International delivery from 1.40 €