Vegetarian Pepper is a chilli native to the West Indies with a sweet and fragrant flavor. It is very popular with people who like the taste of pepper but can not bear their strength, which makes it a sweet pepper that can be consumed by children. Their thin and crisp skin has an exotic and floral flavor like no other pepper.

Where does his name come from?

Its name comes from a legend that, during a period of famine in Martinique, the inhabitants were more oriented towards vegetable dishes than to meat and fish dishes. However, the vegetarians of the island used to use this special pepper that had the merit of enhancing the taste of vegetables but also to be much more digestible in protein-free dishes than hot pepper.


How to use it ?

Vegetarian pepper can be cooked or eaten raw. Here's how you can use it:

- accras

- cold meats such as pâtés and terrines

- vinaigrettes and marinades

- Seasoning vegetables and simmered dishes

- meat and fish in sauce

- soups and soups

- chilli sauce "light"


Vegetarian Pepper


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