A botanical masterpiece


Fascinated by the form and above all the strength of the famous Carolina Reaper, we one day had the idea of hybridizing it with another extraordinary variety known for its fantastic patchwork effect, the Pink Tiger! The fruit of this union was born the Pink Reaper.
this new variety Made In Reunion has the best of both worlds, namely extreme strength and surreal color paterns! The fertilized Pink Reaper flowers give green fruits which then turn purple and end up being creamy / peachy with mauve stains when ripe!


This new and unique variety in the world will never cease to surprise the most experienced collectors eager for new products and in search of the most daring genetics.

The strains we are growing are currently F3 and seem stable. However, as a precaution, we are waiting to see the results of the fourth generation to ensure that there is no visible degeneration.

Pink Reaper


    • Scoville scale: + 1,000,000
    • Origin: Reunion Island
    • Packaging: 10 seeds



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