Everyone knows it, the germination of the seeds of peppers is a delicate step which one absolutely must not miss. To make your job even easier when planting seedlings, it's these little biodegradable jars you need to use!



  • 100% biodegradable. Made of non-woven degradable fabrics, these small pots allow you to cultivate your seedlings responsibly and efficiently. The meshes of the pots make it possible to avoid the stagnation of water and thus the death of the seedlings but also the respiration of the roots. No need to remove the bag during the potting process which improves the survival rate of the plant.


  • Wide range of applications: widely used in balcony gardens, home gardening and nursery. Suitable for fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. It can also be used as a fruit protection bag, waterproof and resistant to birds.
  • Good for plants: light transmission, excellent water permeability, natural penetration of water and nutrients, no decomposition of roots and better growth of plants. By using a non-woven seeding bag, the different resistances and growth rate of seedling propagation are effectively improved.
  • Planting Bag: Plant the seedlings directly into the non-woven seedling bag, the growth bag can be buried in the soil for natural degradation, reducing labor costs

Biodegradable sowing bags

    • Material: non-woven fabrics
    • Quantity: 10
    • Dimension: 8 cm X 10 cm

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