Our germination powder can make up to 2 liters of solution!
To help you make the most of your peppers seeds, we offer this powder that has the ability to lift the dormancy of your seeds.

We recently conducted germination tests of a selection of our super pepper seeds. We sprouted on one side a tray with seeds dipped in our germination solution and a tray without the solution and we found a 50% increase in the germination success rate.
Some extreme pepper seeds can be difficult to germinate (like Carolina Reaper, Bhust Jololia etc ...) so we recommend using our germination solution to put the odds on your side!

Seed Germination Accelerator

  • Composition : Nitrate de Potassium (KNO3)

    Poids : 2,5 grammes

    • International delivery from 1.40 €

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