A unique pepper with black seeds!
Capsicum Pubescens is the least common chilli species, as well as the least cultivated Capsicum variety in the world. Of the genus "Capsicum Pubescens", translated literally "Pubescens" means "hairy", these plants are quite easily identifiable by their characteristic black seeds and their hairy leaves. Another distinctive feature of this species is the blue-violet color of the flower petals. Most often, these flowers grow singly or in pairs, but in rare cases they can grow in groups of four. As fruits ripen, they turn red and usually reach the size of a small apple. This juicy and fleshy pepper looks more like a tomato than a pepper and will make you feel a surprising warmth that is why Rocoto is an essential ingredient of the Peruvian and Bolivian cuisines!
What are Rocotos like?
They usually look like a small tomato, they can be red, orange and yellow. Even when cut, the rocoto looks like a tomato with thick walls and juicy flesh. But there is one notable exception. Rocotos have dark brown to black seeds, which is typical of all Capsicum Pubescens peppers. It's a unique chili experience, to see and eat.
And then there is also the structure of the plant which is amazing since the Rocoto plant will grow in liana and can reach surprising heights (2 to 3 meters high). Its hairy leaves allow it to withstand minimum temperatures of 5 ° C, making it perfect chilli for cold regions. Although this cultivar can also grow in warmer areas, it is important to know that it will yield very little fruit if temperatures exceed 25 ° C, so it is important to grow them in shady areas.
What taste do rocotos have?

The fleshy walls of the rocoto have a herbaceous and fresh bell pepper taste. It is crisp but also quite spicy since it is between 30,000 and 100,000 on the Scoville scale is equivalent to a bird pepper!
Its characteristic black seeds are also used in salads to bring color and crunchiness!

Rocoto Red

    • Scoville scale: 30,000 - 100,000
    • Origin: Peru
    • Packaging: 10 seeds

    • International delivery from 1.40 €

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