Discover another facet of our intense island!

It is on the island of Reunion, surrounded by hungry sharks and active volcano that we have developed this demonic sauce.

Our most powerful sauce and probably one of the most powerful in the world is finally available! Available yes but in small quantity due to its laborious and complex elaboration, the sauce "10 Minutes " is made from our first extreme pepper entirely developed on the island of Reunion named "La Fournaise" because of its asperities recalling the molten lava that ejects from an erupting volcano and of course because of its extreme heat.

His name was not chosen at random and is unequivocal! Once ingested, even in small doses, you will be surprised by its explosive and durable power! All those who have tried it are formal: it is the sauce the most power that they could drip of their life.


While the Carolina Reaper, officially recognized as the strongest pepper in the world pushes the scale of Scoville in the 2 Million, our sauce goes even further to cross the 6.5 Million!

Amateur extreme sauce, you will be served!





By buying this product I commit myself:


  • To be consumed responsibly. Due to the extremely strong nature of this product, it should be used only as a food additive. This product can cause serious injury if consumed directly, in large quantities, ingested and / or applied to the skin, eyes.
  • Each of these products must be used at my own risk, and I understand the potential DANGER if handled improperly.
  • If I give this product as a gift, I will keep the recipient fully informed of the potential danger.
  • I hereby release La Maison Du Piment's liability from all claims, actions and / or proceedings that I, or any of the dependents, heirs or family members may be involved in any damage and / or injury resulting or likely to have resulted from the use, consumption, ingestion and / or contact of any part of the body of any of these products.

"10 Minutes" Hot Ssauce

    • Ingredients: chillies (La Fournaise) , chilli concentrate, pineapple juice, vinegar, lemon juice, tomatoes, garlic, aromatic spices
    • Scoville scale: 6.5 Millions
    • Capacity: 30 ML
    • Tracked parcel

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