A fruity flavor and an extreme spiciness!   With its pretty yellow color, the Trinidad Yellow Scorpion tells the story of a wolf disguised as a sheep. Yet behind this warmth hides a delicious fruity flavor with habanero that reveals its Caribbean roots. This version is a variant of the Trinidad Scoprion Red but a little less strong. On Scoville scale, the Trinidad Yellow Scorpion is between 650,000 and 850,000, so be careful when handling the seeds and pepper flesh.  


What taste do Trinidad Yellow Scorpions have?

These peppers have a delicious tropical Caribbean flavor that resembles that of habaneros, with a spice obviously incomparable! The Trinidad Yellow Scoprion is more fruity than most other super peppers, making it a great choice for making powder or dehydrated pepper flake, candied pepper and extra-spicy sauce!

Trinidad Scorpio Yellow

SKU: 0002
Number of Seeds
    • Echelle de Scoville : 550 000 - 850 000
    • Origine : Trinidad et Tobago (Caraïbes)
    • Conditionnement : 10 graines
    • Livraison GRATUITE à la Réunion, en France Métropolitaine et DOM
    • Livraison internationale à partir de 1,40€

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