White Thai: Our favorite pepper
There are dozens of varieties of peppers that belong to the category of Thai peppers. They all share the same characteristics, taste, colors and overall strength, but the one you find on La Maison Du Piment represents the best version of all we've ever tasted!
This pepper also has several names depending on where they have been acclimated such as the Thai Dragon, the African Devil, the Phrik Khi Nu.
Perhaps the most appropriate name will be the Thai Dragon (Thai Dragon) because these peppers have incredible strength (without extreme beings), they are red when ripe (like the breath of the dragon) and their shape (3 to 4 cm long, thin and curved) even looks like dragon claws.
What taste have White Thai?
The taste of these peppers is simply exceptional! If we had to choose one for its flavor and spiciness, it would definitely be this one! Its taste resembles that of the Chili Pepper, more refined and much stronger! In addition, its white color makes it athypical pepper and its high production as well as its resistance to diseases and drought make it an ideal pepper for the culture in large productions, but also for those who do not have the time to give a lot of care to their plants.

White Thaï

    • Scoville scale: 120,000 - 350,000
    • Origin: Thailand
    • Packaging: 10 seeds
    • Livraison GRATUITE à la Réunion, en France Métropolitaine et DOM
    • Livraison internationale à partir de 1,40€

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